Volvo Penta 290 Dual Prop Engine Anode Kit


Volvo Penta 290 Dual Prop Engine Anode Kit

Martyr Cadmium Free Anodes

Aluminium Anodes for Salt Water and Brackish Water

Fits Volvo 290 Dual Prop Engine; 280DP, 280T-DP, 280A-DP, DPA, A1, A2, B, G, C, D, D1, D2, E, B1, C1.
Volvo Part: 875821


Benefits of Martyr Cadmium Free Anodes:
* Environmentally friendly, our Martyr II Aluminum and Martyr III Magnesium Cadmium Free anodes are much lighter than the traditional zinc anode that they replace. Resulting in significant savings of fuel to transport and energy to install.

* Improved efficiency and performance of Cadmium Free Martyr II Aluminum Anodes results in longer life and improved corrosion protection thereby reducing the quantity of anodes required and increasing the time between replacements.

* The alloy components of our Martyr II Aluminum anode contain no cadmium and only a fraction of the zinc used in making traditional zinc anode. The two remaining components, Aluminum and Indium are non-toxic. 

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Length : 111mm
Width (min /max): 111mm / 144mm
Depth: 30mm
# of Fixing Holes: 2
Fixing Hole Details: 91mm between fixing hole centres

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