LED Trailer Light Kit-100% Submersible


LED Trailer Light Kit-100% Submersible

LED trailer light set for use on boat trailers.
Fully submersible and corrosion resistant in order to give you long life. Compact 160L x 80W X30D (MM)


  • Stop - Tail - Indicator - Number plate light
  • 100% Submersible
  • 8m of cable on each light
  • 12 and 24 volt compatible
  • ADR approved
  • Two number plate lamp orientation options
  • Easy to install – easy mounting options
  • Plug storage holder when not connected

Supplied with: Lights x 2 and cable, 7 pin plug and Plug holder

  • $112.35

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5 year warranty

Compact size 160L x 80W x 30D (mm)

These Premium LED lamps are designed to be an easy to fit trailer lighting solution that can be fitted in a range of orientations.  Box trailers need lamps to fit in a horizontal orientation and shine the number plate across the trailer, from the narrow side of the lamp, whilst boat trailers need a number plate lamp that shines out of the wide side of the lamp downwards.  In an innovative solution, the Trailparts™ lamps have number plate lamps fitted to one short and one long side of the right hand lamp, with the user simply connecting whichever of the two number plate function wires that suits their application best.  The fact that they look good, have cable length options, are submersible, and E-marked makes them a first choice for many trailer builders.

5 YR Warranty

8M cable on each light.


5 YR Warranty

8M cable on each light.

include trailer plug and holder

ADR approved

two number plate lamp options

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