• Stressfree Mini EW Anchor Winch

Stressfree Mini EW Anchor Winch


Mini Extra Wide Drum Winch

Smaller diametr drum makes it suitable for shallow anchor wells. For example Stabi Craft, Trophy. The drum is wider so it has the same drum capacity of the Standard Mini

Suitable for boats from 4 – 6 metres
Fits neatly into the anchor well
The motor can be mounted at 30, 45 and 90 degrees to suit the configuration of the anchor well
500 watt motor
Constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel
Maximum lifting capacity 195 kilos (when the drum diameter is small)
Holding capacity at anchor is 1800 kilos
Rated to 80 amps
Normal running the Stress Free will use 25 – 30 amps and under load up to 55 amps
To protect the motor, the circuit breaker will trip out if there is a power overload (for example the anchor to stuck on the bottom)
Recommend dual batteries with the battery switch on BOTH
Can be deck mounted


Drum capacity
75 metres of 8mm nylon plus 6 metres of chain OR
100 metres of 6mm double braid eye spliced to 5 metres of 8mm nylon and 6 metres of 6mm short link chain

NB: the amount of chain can be lengthened or shortened to meet individual needs. In these situations the amount of rope must be tailored to ensure there is a maintained clearance between the chain and the base plate.

The gearbox mounting holes in the mounting bracket allow the motor and drive to be installed at 4 angles to suit different anchor well configurations. Another 8 adjustment angles are available at 30º and 45º from each of the basic 4 mounting holes (see photo below).

Why Stressfree?
36 month warranty – Recreational Use

  • Proven 20 year history
  • Fastest standard power up/power down winch on the market
  • Emergency override
  • Quality European manufactured motor and gearbox
  • Innovation is our game

  • $1,486.91

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