• Streamlined Shaft Anodes - Aluminium

Streamlined Shaft Anodes - Aluminium


Martyr Streamlined Shaft Anodes

Cadmium-free Aluminium Anodes

* 100% Circular Radius
* Interlocking halves with extra alloy around fastener


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Available Options

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Part Number I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg)
ANOX01AL 19mm 54mm 54mm 0.077kg
ANOX03AL 25mm 54mm 54mm 0.082kg
ANOX05AL 32mm 63mm 63mm 0.114kg
ANOX07AL 38mm 63mm 63mm 0.159kg
ANOX08AL 44mm 82mm 73mm 0.232kg
ANOX09AL 51mm 82mm 73mm 0.286kg
ANOX11AL 63mm 106mm 95mm  
ANOX13AL 76mm 120mm 92mm  


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