• Salt-Away 946ml Concentrate

Salt-Away 946ml Concentrate


Salt Away Special

Salt Away break downs salt and prevents corrosion on all metal surfaces.

A multi-purpose 100% Non-Hazardous 100% Non-Toxic 100% Biodegradable Water based product.

It can be flushed through the engine and used to wash down your boat, fishing gear and car.  When paired with the Salt Away Mixer you can speed up your cleaning time by at least 50%.

Mixes up to 512 parts water to one concentrate.

Thats 480 Litres !! or purchase 4 litre pack ($104.90) and make 2048 Litres plus!!

Why use Salt-Away?

  • Salt-Away combined with our Auto-Mix unit speeds up your cleaning time by at least 50%
  • Removes all traces of salt, minimizing the corrosive effects of salt on your engine, trailer, vehicle, rods and reels.
  • Salt-Away is the most concentrated; Just 40mls is all you need to clean your boat, motor, trailer and all your fishing gear. Financially that works out to be from as little as $1.15 per wash.
  • Salt-Away is the best value for money - 1 litre of concentrate makes 512 litres.
  • Salt-Away, unlike some competitor products available is completely safe on all metals (including magnesium alloy), rubber and plastics, so won't harm your marine equipment. 100% money back guarantee
  • Salt-Away is recommended by leading Engine Manufacturers, and is used by Royal NZ Navy, NZ Coastguard & NATO



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