Oil Extraction Pump - 6.5 Litre


Liquid Extraction Pump

Extremely handy pump and container makes this oil extractor a useful tool for engine maintenance. It is suitable for both oil & water applications.
Designed for extracting all types of engine oils, transmission fluids, lubricants. Suitable for marine engines, stationery engines, large and small industrial machinery, motor vehicles and bikes. Can be used on non lubricants such as water from fish tanks etc.


  • Easy pour spout so liquids can be poured from the container
  • Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Automatic shut-off valve to prevent over flow
  • Self priming extraction pump
  • 6.5L Capacity
  • Suitable for Oil and Water

Instructions for Use

1. Ensure engine is level and warm. Pre-run for 5 minutes to warm the oil and allow any sludge or contaminates within the oil to mix. Remove the oil dipstick

2. Select and insert the appropiate diameter extracting tube into the dipstick hole. Insert untill it reaches the bottom of the oil pan. Connect the main suction tube to both the unit and the extraction tube.

3. Raise the unit handle to it's highest limit and fully pump the handle up and down several times. The pump will create a vacuum and the oil will extract to the container.

4. After all the oil has been extracted, remove the main suction tube from the unit, pour the oil into a suitable container and dispose of in an appropriate manner.


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Self priming extraction pump
6.5L Capacity
Suitable for Oil
Shut off valve to prevent overflow

Self priming
6.5L Capacity
Patented Design
Supplied with three extraction hoses so you can insert into the sump via a dipstick or access hole; 10mm (Ø) x 1m (l); 7mm (Ø) x 900mm (l); 6mm (Ø) x 900mm (l)

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