NOVA KOOL F Plate Kit - 2 Plates with Flex Line


NOVA KOOL F Plate Kit - 2 Plates with Flex Line

Flex Line is designed to stay flexible during installation, even if you don't get it right first try. If you are retrofitting a refrigeration system within a tight space such as around stringers then the Flex line is the ideal solution. Flex line can be coiled and uncoiled over 200 times. Flex line uses reusable quick couplings and is available on all Nova Kool evaporators.

Designed to be used on Fridge/Freezer combinations of up to 240 litres in size; or with freezer only installations up to 130 litres. Can be used for all refrigerator, all freezer, or as a spill over combination of refrigerator and freezer.

Why Novakool Kits?

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A variety of evaporator plates are available to suit your application. Flat plates for cooling or freezing, large flat plates that can be bent to suit your available space and pre-bent plates to enclose a small freezer area in a larger fridge space.
Freezers and large fridges require large evaporator plates to maintain stable temperatures: so in general it’s best to choose the largest plate that you can fit in your fridge/freezer area.

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NOVA KOOL F Plate Kit - 2 Plates with Flex Line

* Flexible lines for difficult to work areas
* Flex line uses reusable quick couplings
* Plate Dimensions: 406mm x 254mm
* Refrigerator or freezer and spill over combination refrigerator and freezer.

Plate Dimensions: 406mm x 254mm
Plates can be separated up to 457mm

Available from all good boating stores including:

Smart Marine - Westhaven - 0800 805 040

All Marine - Ph 09 438 4499

Boat NZ - Christchurch - 03 384 3849
Oborns Nautical – Ph 03 377 1800

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