• maXtek Washdown Pump KIT

maXtek Washdown Pump KIT


MAXTEK Washdown Pump KIT-12v-self primming, smooth and quiet flow

The pack includes:

  • 12 Volt Pump unit KIT with option to hard wire
  • Super duty washdown pump, connect adaper
  • fFlter strainer
  • Trigger Nozzle with quick connect spray gun
  • Coil type delivery hose
  • Two NPT connections

Self Priming, pressure switch control, Run Dry Protected, Quiet Operation, Easy Clean Filter.

Voltage: 12 Volt
Amps: 17.2A
Pressure: 4.8bar / 60PSI
Flow Rate: 20.0 L/min
Dimensions: 220MMX 150MM (PUMP)

BLISTER PACK KIT: 400 x 440 x 130mm


  • $135.07

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60 PSI

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