maXtek Remote Control Spot Light LED


New maXtek Marine Remote LED Spot Light

This spotlight consists of 12x3W ultra bring LED bulbs. It is highly durable and excelling energy saver.

The light projection extends to 200 feet away. This light runs on 12 or 24V DC circuit and is equipped with overload/overheat and over rotate protection. This spot light can rotate vertically 70 degrees and horizontally 340 degrees. It is equipped with remote control for ease of use and convenience.

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Size: 205 (L) x 176 (W) X 252 (H) mm 

Weight: 1.9 kg, (4.2 lbs)

Material: Body Made of UV PC, Base Made of UV PA 

Housing Colour: White

Operation: Remote Controlled

Beam Angle: 5°

Elevation Angle 22° up, 48° down

Rotation Speed: 8-10° per second (12 VDC), 12-14° per second (24VDC)

Elevation Speed: 11-14° per second (12VDC), 19-21° per second (24 VDC)

Power Cable Length: 4m (15 feet)

Carton Dimension: 10 x 9 x 9”(25.4 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm)

Carton Weight: 3.2 kg (7lbs)

Electrical Specification:

Power Consumption: 27W         LED: 12pcs 3W

Operation Voltage: DC12 V/2.2A, DC 24 V/1.1A

LED Colour/Colour Temperature: Daylight White/ 5500-6300 K 

LED Beam Angle/Lumen: 120° / 160-190 Lumen

Effective Lumen/Power compared to standard bulb:  1600Lumen/200w

Censoring Distance: 50 metres 

Frequency of remote control: 433 MHz 

Operation Temperature: -20C° ~ + 45°C

Life test for LED lamp (1000 hours): Lumen Maintenance Percentage > 90%

Waterproof Standard: IP 67 

Certificate: CE RoHS

The spotlight must be mounted on a flat smooth surface for optimal use. Keep the light away from locations where sails, line anchors or other dangers might cause damage to the light. You will need access to the underside of the location chosen and that location needs to be drilled.  Please ensure that no wires or other structures are present where the screws need to be drilled into.

It is best to mount light as far forward and as high as permitted in order to minimise glare The gasket on the back cover of this booklet must be used to mark the locations of the four base mounting holes and the centre wire harness hole onto the mounting surface 

Drill for 1/8” pilot holes into the marked points

Please position the white circular mounting gasket on the base of the light while ensuring that the wire harness exits through the centre hole in the gasket 

Lead the wire from the base of the light through the centre pilot holes and around the wire harness that penetrates the mount surface 

Wire Connections: Red wire of cable must be connect to the red wire of the spotlight and the same to the black wire of the cable to the black wire of the spotlight

Secure the light on the mounting surface with the lens facing forward. Align the four holes in the light base and the mounting gasket with the four corner holes drilled  into the mounting surface

Fasten the spotlight securely using for M5 self tapping screws. Do not over tighten 


Initial Remote Control Programming 

Please press and hold any one of the size buttons on the remote control

While holding the button down, connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal

After 10 seconds, please release the button being pressed. The remote control will be programmed after button is release

The remote control will be fully operational 

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