• MaXtek 2 burner & Grill

MaXtek 2 burner & Grill


Maxtex 2 burner & Grill.

British made for the marine and  recreational vehicle market. This cooker has a twin hob with a large rapid burner and a smaller standard burner plus a separate grill compartment. The grill is compact but powerful. All burners are protected by flame failure safety cut-out devices.

  • 1 x large rapid hob burner
  • 1 x semi rapid burner
  • Separate grill
  • Flame failure device

  • $420.12 $360.10

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Hob Burners Heat Input: 1 x 2kW + 1 x 3kW

Grill Heat Input: 1.72kw

Height from base to fiddle rail: 220mm

Height from base to pan support: 167mm

Height from base to gimbal bracket: 260mm

Width without gimbals: 450mm

Depth: 350mm

Width with gimbals: 485mm

Gimballing arc: 310mm

Cooker Depth (front to back): 370mm

Minimum space required when heeled at 30deg: H320xD285mm

Weight: 5.8kg. 

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