Large Round Buoy - 520mmØ


Large inflatable Round Marker Buoy

Ocean Series R Marker Buoys are heavy duty buoys with a rib-reinforced rock solid ropehold.
A versatile buoy for the most adverse conditions. Marking gear for ocean, sea, river and lakes.

Popular among commercial fishermen for its durability.

  • One-piece manufacture with seamless finish ensuring consistent wall thickness
  • UV resistant
  • Rib-reinforced rope eye
  • Useful in a wide variety of maritime sectors

Suitable for any use and any kind of boat from 20- 70ft, the Ocean Buoys “fends” proudly.

Red round buoy with single eyelet

  • $79.10

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Dimensions (mm)
520 (diameter) x 680 (length)

Red body with blue rope hold

Inflation Pressure:
2.1 lbs / 0.15 bar at 68°F / 20°C

Plastisol PVC

Production Process:
Single procedure rotational moulding

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