• Danfoss BD35F Low Voltage Compressor

Danfoss BD35F Low Voltage Compressor


Danfoss BD35F - variable speed compressor

High capacity fan cooled, designed for hot & tropical applications. No need for additional water pumps and relays.

Standard pre charged line kit 12 ft (3.7M) fitted with reusable couplings between cooling unit and plates. Operating speed of the compressor can be adjusted depending on the load requirements.

The system is pre-charged with R134a refrigerant with 3.7 metre line sets and re-useable Quick Connects. This enables D.I.Y assembly and dis-assembly of the system without losing gas.

Evaporator Plate options
A variety of evaporator plates are available to suit your application. Flat plates for cooling or freezing, large flat plates that can be bent to suit your available space and pre-bent plates to enclose a small freezer area in a larger fridge space.

Freezers and large fridges require large evaporator plates to maintain stable temperatures. It is good practice to choose the largest plate that you can fit in your fridge/freezer area.

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Evaporating temperature range:  °C -30 to 0 (10)
Standard pre charged line kit: 12 ft (3.66M) .
Voltage range / max. voltage: 12 - 24V DC / 31.5V DC
Max. machine compartment temperature: °C 55
Comp. cooling at ambient temp. 43°C S or F1*
Maximum refrigerant charge: 300g
Free gas vol. in compresso:r cm3 870
Weight: Compressor/Electronic unit kg 4.3/0.25

280mm x 230mm base x 192mm high

Available from all good boating stores including:

Smart Marine - Westhaven - 0800 805 040

All Marine - Ph 09 438 4499 

Boat NZ - Christchurch - 03 384 3849
Oborns Nautical – Ph 03 377 1800

Why use Nova Kool Refridgeration Kits? - click here

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