Bright Antiglare LED Ceiling Light


Modern Glare free minimalistic slim line Light

• BS EN60945 approval suitable for boatbuilders and OEM
• Glare free illumination lens for reducing eye strain from looking directly at light source
• Smooth and uniform light pattern and output with no dark spots
• Triple illumination; Double area illuminance compared with other major brands
• High quality LEDs for maximum light output and energy efficiency
• Produces a good level of warm white light suitable for living areas.

  • Extremely low profile – 7mm from the surface
  • Lumen output: 138lm
  • Flush Mount
  • 12 Volts
  • Powerful 9 x 0.5 watt LED’s
  • Colour Temperature: 2900-3200K
  • Splashproof


85mm (D)
12mm (H)
7mm - Above surface

  • $18.00

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