Banshee Padlock - Built-in Alarm


Shrieks like a Screaming Banshee

A padlock and alarm all in one

Protect your boat, trailer, and property with the "Banshee" Trailer Alarm Lock. Equipped with a vibration-activated 110 decibel alarm, the T-H Marine "Banshee" Trailer Alarm Lock "screams like a banshee" when tampered with to ward off potential thieves. 

Able to be deactivated for trailering, the "Banshee" Trailer Alarm Lock is weather proof and designed to fit most trailer couplers, so it can be used to protect more than your boat.

Shock and movement sensor creates a 110db alarm Sound

  • Chrome plated brass body, corrosion resistant
  • Spare battery pack
  • Key withdrawl with open or closed shackle
  • Supplied with 3 keys

100 high x 55mm wide and 22 mm thick, Hardened steel shank

  • $50.86

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Alarm Padlock - The Banshee – Protects your boat and valuables from Theft

Two Modes, with Alarm, without Alarm

Shock and movement sensore creates a 110db alarm Sound

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