Rocna Anchors

Rocna Anchors

If you are a Boatie then you have probably heard about this phenomenon called the Rocna anchor.

Developed in 2004 by very well respected NZ designer Peter Smith. From humble beginnings it began as a solution to his personal requirements, but soon word of mouth spread. The international offshore fleet visiting New Zealand tried the anchor and the stories grew of its incredible holding power, even providing safety during Pacific storms. The merits of the Rocna design have become legendary and with it came international success.

Independent tests by respected organisations such as West Marine, Cruising World, Practical Sailor, and SAIL magazine consistently rate Rocna and its performance.  We are proud to be the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the most refined and effective new-generation anchor; the Rocna anchor.

* Rocna Anchors Brochure (including sizing recommendations)
* Demonstrations & Comparison Testing (photos and independent testing results) 
Rocna User's Guide and general guide to anchoring.

Rocna News - Lifetime Warranty
Rocna Anchors stand behind the product with the best warranty available. The warranty has been expanded to include bending or deformation, in addition to breakage, in a new warranty policy. It applies to the lifetime of the original purchaser when the anchor is sized appropriately for the boat, using Rocna's sizing recommendations.

"Many companies warranty against breakage, but we're so confident in Rocna's rugged design that we protect against manufacturing defects and bending. An anchor is vital safety equipment, and we give our customers peace of mind their Rocna will perform as promised," said John Mitchell, president of Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd.

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