Adjustable Spray Aerator Head


Adjustable Spray Aerator Heads

Use on livewells that have built-in overflows or recirculating systems. Mounts on side of tank. 90° fitting for installation in tight spaces. Rotating head with O-ring adjusts and maintains flow setting. Removable head has an "interference-fit thread design" that will not allow it to vibrate or blow out. Polypropylene construction. Can be installed on tanks with up to 5/8" wall thickness.

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The Attwood single-valve aerator spray head is designed for 3/4" I.D. hose for side mounting on baitwell or livewell systems with built-in overflow or recirculating systems. It is made of durable plastic for corrosion resistance.

The aerator spray head has a rotating knob to adjust and maintain flow setting from closed to full flow. The knob is designed to stay in place and not vibrate out. However, it can be removed for cleaning debris from the spray head. 

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