• 2.2kg LPG Bottle - Marine Gas Alloy Cylinder

2.2kg LPG Bottle - Marine Gas Alloy Cylinder


2.2 kg Lightweight LPG Bottle

Alloy Boat Gas Bottle 

Marine grade Aluminium Alloy Gas Tanks. Fully weather resistant and impervious to salt. Ideal for gas cylinders on a boat or outside your home.
Corrosion resistant construction and material in order to ensure maximum life within the marine environment.
Patented one piece, one seam weld construction

Our gas cylinders made from special refined Al-Mg-Si alloy, have many advantages over steel cylinders. For example:
• No rust marks when used as a boat gas cylinder
• They can be used without anticorrosion coat
• Because of cleanliness and resistance of the alloy it can be used for cooling gases
• The weld is on the most favourable part of the pressurized cylinder so it is loaded less
• There is no spark-danger in case of any mechanical influence
• They can be recycled after taking out of circulation
• Coldproof


Boat Gas Cylinder accepts standard POL type hose and regulator.    

• Long working life  

• At the same volume, the mass of our cylinders are half that of steel


  • $143.44

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Overall Diameter: 186mm
Overall Height: ~340mm
LPG Capacity (kg): 2.2
LPG (approx litres): 3.9

Water Capacity: 4.86Kg
Test Pressure (bar): 33
Weight: 2.1Kg 

EN12-862/2000 Inspection Authority: TUV. Germany.
NZ LAB: 2053
Australian Approval Number: Q20596 

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