FLIR Handheld HM-Series

FLIR Handheld HM-Series

The New 2014 HM-Series are handheld shock-resistant thermal imaging cameras that produce a crisp image in the darkest of nights. Thanks to the HM-Series, security professionals and law enforcement officers can see suspects in total darkness, through smoke, and light foliage.
Click on the image to see actual photos taken with a FLIR Handheld and saved on the removeable SD card.

New InstAlert Feature

The New 2014 FLIR models come with InstAlert Palette which highlights the hottest subjects in any scene.  As per the image Below.




What can I see with a FLIR Handheld thermal imager?
Examples of images taken in complete darkness. The pictures illustrate three thermal images taken with a HM-324.
The three image settings of the FLIR; Black Hot, White Hot, InstAlert
The trees are at an approximate range of 100m
Trees and fence posts are slightly warmer than the surroundings.

Price excludes sales Tax

FLIR Handheld HM-SeriesFLIR Handheld HM-SeriesFLIR Handheld HM-Series

Part Number : Price excludes Tax

Price: $3,477.00
(All prices are in New Zealand Dollars)

Extremely affordable
The HM-Series are extremely affordable units. From now on, everyone can afford thermal night vision. Price is no longer an issue. There is no longer a need to use a less effective night vision technology.

Four models to choose from
HM-224B -     240 x 180 pixels
HM-224 Pro - 240 x 180 pixels -   2x zoom + Image storage + on-board video
HM-324B -     320 x 240 pixels -   2x zoom + Image storage + on-board video
HM-307B -     320 x 240 pixels -   2x zoom + Image storage + on-board video

Choice of lenses
The HM-224 & 324 provide a 24° field of view. This offers an excellent combination of range performance and situational awareness. For longer range performance, the HM-224 and 324 can be equipped with a bolt-on 2X extender.
For the ultimate in longe range performance you can choose the HM-307B which has 7° degree lens and detect a man size taregt at 1.45km.

The HM-Series come standard with a “hot shoe” which facilitates easy external mounting. The “hot shoe” has a power-in and video-out connection so that you can send video to your TV, Raymarine, Lowrance, Furuno or any multifunction chartplotter.
Extremely portable and rugged

Weighing 653 grams, batteries included, the HM-Series are extremely compact and extremely light systems. They are ideal for go-anywhere operations, in all circumstances. They are IP67 rated.

Ergonomic and easy-to-use, the HM-Series are fully controlled with just 5 buttons on top of the unit. Conveniently placed the backlit buttons are all right underneath your fingertips.

Long battery life
The HM-Series have an operating time of over 5 hours on a single charge. They work on 4 rechargeable AA NiMH batteries that come with the camera. The HM-Series can also run on standard non-rechargeable Alkaline or Lithium Ion AA batteries.


Video Storage HM-24 Pro, HM-324 & HM-307
As per the HM-224 plus;
1. Digital Zoom Feature 
    Each press on the ZOOM button cycles between 2X zoom and normal view.
    A 2X digital zoom allows you to have a closer look at objects when necessary.

2. Image Storage - 1 GB SD-Card
    Allows storing thermal images in JPEG format on a removable SD-card by the touch of a button. A 1 GB SD-card holds up to 20,000 images.
    Video storage. By holding a button, these cameras have the ability to record full frame rate MPEG-4 video. Record more than 2 hours of video on a 1 GB SD-card.

3. US2
    Image transfer to PC
    Can be used to transfer the saved images to a PC.


IMAGING PERFORMANCE                                                                     

Detector type:  Focal plane array, uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) Microbolometer       
                      240 x 180 pixels (HM-224)      or      320 x 240 pixels (HM-324 XP+)
Spectral range: 7.5 to 13.5 μm                                                 
Field of view: 24° (H) x 18°(V)                                               
Field of view with 2X extender:  12° (H) x 9°(V) 
Thermal sensitivity:  <50 mK at f/1.0 at +25°C                                  
Image frequency:   8.3 Hz Pal                                  
Focus:   HM-224 or HM-324 XP+: Fixed    or    with 2X extender lens: Manual              
Digital zoom:  none (HM-224)      or      2X (HM-324 XP+) 
Image processing: Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) 

Viewfinder: LCD screen
Video output: PAL composite video; RCA jack
Image polarity: White hot / black hot, InstAlert; selectable
On-screen symbology: Standard

Requirements: 4 AA Batteries; rechargeable NiMH (included) , non- rechargeable Li-Ion or Alkaline
Battery life: > 5 hours on NiMH batteries - 120 hours in stand-by with NiMH batteries

ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS          HM-224                           HM-324 XP+
Operating temperature range:                   0°C to +50°C                    -20°C to +60°C
Storage temperature range:                     -20°C to +70°C                  -40°C to +75°C
Humidity non condensing:                         5% to 95%                        5% to 95%
Encapsulation:                                         IP67                                  IP67
Drop:                                                   Operational after 1 meter drop onto concrete

Camera weight incl. Lens and batteries: 653 grams   or   1000 grams  (with extender)
Camera Size (L x W x H): 240 mm x 85 mm x 60 mm or 265 mm x 85 mm x 75 mm (with extender)
Shipping weight (camera + packaging): 2.8 kg
Shipping size (camera + packaging): 450 mm x 280 mm x 180 mm
Shipping weight (2x extender + packaging): The 2X extender is being shipped in a separate box of approx. 1 kg

Standard Package: HM-Series handheld thermal imaging camera, 4 rechargeable batteries, hot shoe charging and video output attachment, Video output cable, USB cable, AC power adaptor/charger, lanyard, manual
Also included for XP+ Version: 1 GB SD-Card
Optionally available: Extender lens, rigid camera case or soft carrying bag

HM Series Brochure - Click here to Download

HM Series Operators Manual Click here to Download

Real world Application Stories
Deer Managment Click here

Wildlife Detection Click here


Video Captures below are taken from other model thermal imagers made by FLIR

HM-324 XP Review - Sept 2012
Great for hunting. I use it on the farm for both security and keeping the rabbits down. You can scope an area out for rabbits with the FLIR without spooking them. I believe it will be safer when hunting as you can positively identify a target at night.
M Migounoff - South Auckland

"I have a HM-224 Pro which I use for conservation work in the South Island of New Zealand. I am also a keen hunter so recently I fitted my HM-224 with the FLIR Optical Extender. It makes a huge difference to the range as I can now spot deer grazing on hillsides at around 2 km away. You cannot identify the target, however you know its a group and in a cluster which allows you to move and be in the right position."
Fred Singlton - Southland; New Zealand August 2012

"the unit has superseded my radar, which is rarely used.”
Rick Jacobson – Reel Awesome Charters – Whangaroa

“It makes my job easier in a busy harbour at night..... it gives me certainty and compliments the radar image.I would recommend the investment to any commercial or serious recreational boatie."
Captain David Geurts - Skipper of Radar Blue - Auckland

“We wanted a system that could help avoid deadly accidents at night .. it definitely compliments our existing radar. When we have a blip on our radar screen, we can now see what the blip really means.”
Captain Peter Robinson – MV Golden Bay - Whangarei

“I think they are brilliant. I had the FLIR Mariner on my Maritimo which worked great. I wouldn’t have a boat without one. So I have fitted a FLIR Navigator to my new Rayglass”
Ian Witters - Auckland

"I use my boat a lot during the night.”, says. “It is amazing! You see everything. Exactly like during the day. It is incredible. You see every detail of the other boats: the cockpit, the bridge, the anchor, you see everything. Even in total darkness.”... When you use your boat a lot during the night, or if you sail out in the morning before the light or get back into the harbour after darkness, the thermal imaging camera is an excellent tool. Easier to use than radar. With radar you only see a small “blip” on a screen. Thermal imaging gives you a comprehensive image which is easy to understand....  Thermal imaging is definitely more than a toy. It is very useful technology on board of a yacht. I think we will see thermal imaging go through the same evolution as e.g. chart plotters. There used to be a day and age when we installed one chart plotter on every five boats we produced. Today, I am installing two chartplotters on one boat in a lot of cases.”
Mr. Ferretti, Chairman of the Ferretti Group

“I was really convinced after the demonstration that a thermal imaging camera on board of a yacht is a great asset and immediately purchased a FLIR Systems Navigator Pan/Tilt. In darkness, I switch on the Navigator Pan/Tilt for all navigation and night docking. Also during daylight I benefit from the system. It is not blinded by glare from the sun.”,
Mr. Gorbunov, owner and captan of Sunseeker, Manhattan-66.

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