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Night Vision Camera, Night Vision Handheld, FLIR HM Cameras, Night Vision Monocular; Thermal Imaging Camera Click Here to see RangeFLIR Scout PS24 is the same product as the FLIR MS-224r. FLIR Scout PS series are identical products to the FLIR MS
Exclusive importers and distributors of marine FLIR night vision products. We are the FLIR experts and have been distributing FLIR Handhelds and maritne cameras since 2006. Improve security around your home. See in the dark with our night vision handheld products. Multiple uses including boating, fishing, hunting or surveillance.

Oil Tanker installs M-Series FLIR
Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), Oil tankers installs FLIR to reduce environmental risk  .... Read More

Product: FLIR MS-224 Handheld

FLIR MS-224 Handheld

Price: $3 042.00

Power fast thermal imager
See in pitch dark without giving away your position
$3042.00 excluding GST

Product: FLIR MS-324B Handheld

FLIR MS-324B Handheld

Price: $0.00

New 2013 FLIR MS-324 thermal imaging camera gives every boater the power to see clearly in total darkness  

Product: FLIR MLS-317


Price: $0.00

FLIR MLS-317 thermal imaging camera with x2 zoom and tactical marking laser

Product: FLIR MLS-618


Price: $0.00

FLIR MLS-618 thermal imaging camera with 2x, 4x, & continuous zoom and tactical marking laser
POA 

Product: FLIR Bi-oculars

FLIR Bi-oculars

Price: $11 695.00

Portable thermal imaging bi-ocular cameras
Detecting faint objects is enhanced
Price excludes GST

Product: FLIR Handheld HM-Series

FLIR Handheld HM-Series

Price: $3 477.00

Produce a crisp image in total darkness
Special - Save $1500
$3499 excl GST 

Product: FLIR HM-307 XP+ Handheld

FLIR HM-307 XP+ Handheld

Price: $0.00

FLIR HM-307 XP+ Handheld
Features include: Digital Zoom and Image Storage<

Product: FLIR Optical 2x Extender

FLIR Optical 2x Extender

Price: $1 999.00

Double your viewing range - Great for hunting
12° field of view for longer range performance
$1999 Excluding GST

Product: FLIR Voyager

FLIR Voyager

Price: $0.00

A powerful, Multi-sensor, Gyro- stabilised Thermal Imager
Radar integration Auto track your target
Priced from USD $77,467 - Call us for details

Product: NEW FLIR MU Series


Price: $0.00

The Era in Marine Navigation is here.  The New FLIR MU series  is a powerful, Multi-sensor, Gyro- stabilised Thermal Imager
Please contact us for prices 
Product: FLIR PathFindIR (Automotive)

FLIR PathFindIR (Automotive)

Price: $3 999.00

Compact thermal imaging camera
Automotive applications
$3999 excluding GST 

Product: FLIR M-618CS Gyro Stablized

FLIR M-618CS Gyro Stablized

Price: $0.00

Gyro-Stabilized, Long-Range Thermal System
Detect range approx 4km

Product: FLIR M Series

FLIR M Series

Price: $0.00

Highest definition FLIR available to the civilian market
FLIR camera for maritime applications

Product: New FLIR MD-625

New FLIR MD-625

Price: $0.00

New Fix mounted, affordable, fixed-mount thermal night vision system.

Product: New FLIR MD-324

New FLIR MD-324

Price: $0.00

New Fix mounted, affordable, fixed-mount thermal night vision system

Product: Night Vision Monocular, SeaNav

Night Vision Monocular, SeaNav

Price: $699.00

Vision under low light intensity
Built-in IR illuminator to view objects in dark conditions  Read more >>