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Absolute Marine offers you the complete solution for outboard boat steering. Our rotary quick connect cable steering systems offer extremely good value for outboard engines up to V6. Plus hydraulic kits for larger motor sizes.

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Grommets / Top Hats
Product: Bulkhead Strain Relief Hose Kit

Bulkhead Strain Relief Hose Kit

Price: $32.80

Distributes Strain From Bends in Hose
Water Tight Gripper Fitting — No Leaks

Product: Cable Flexible Sleeving

Cable Flexible Sleeving

Price: $4.99

Braided Protective Jacket
Bundling & Protecting Cables & Hoses
Sold per Foot (305mm length)

Product: Rigging Hose

Rigging Hose

Price: $11.50

Protects cables and wiring
Diameter:64mm (21/2")
Sold in 1ft (305mm) lengths

Product: Rigging Hose Flange 2.5

Rigging Hose Flange 2.5"

Price: $30.30

Moulded polypropylene flange.
Back side of flange is textured to allow inverted mounting.
For use with our rigging hose available separately.