Novakool Refrigeration

Novakool Refrigeration

NovaKool is a world leader in low voltage 12v Fridges
Boat Fridges, Caravan Fridges, RV Fridges. Made in Canada and installed by leading Boatbuilders, Motorhome and RV makers around the world including Riviera, Alaska Yachts, Benetti, Campion, Carver, Doral, Formula, FourWinns, Hunter, Luhrs, Meridian, Silverton, Nordic Tug and Meridian Yachts.

NovaKool Benefits:

  • Can be installed in quiet areas, even staterooms
  • Multi voltage options including 12 or 24v DC plus auto switch to 230 VAC
  • Swing on the hook longer
  • Minimizes premature battery destruction
  • Easy to configure to your space requirements
  • Front door allow for stainless panels or match your interior joinery
  • Long life with little maintenance
  • No special mounting required
  • No surprising openings, even in the most hostile conditions
  • One unit fits most voltages around the world
  • Optional Chine hugger models (moves compressor up & out of the way to suit shape of boat hull)
  • Optional FLEX Line evaporators for installations that are "far from straight"

12volt Fridge/Freezer - 36 Litre
12v Fridge/Freezer - 54 Litre
12v Fridge/Freezer - 59 Litre
F2300 59L 12v Freezer
12v All Fridge - 122 Litre
Novakool 122 L Fridge freezer
NOVA KOOL 70L Freezer Ice Box
NOVA KOOL  212l Fridge/Freezer
NOVA KOOL 193L Marine Fridge/Freezer
RFU8220 251L 12v, 24v Fridge/Freezer
NOVA KOOL  258l Fridge Freezer
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