Gas Ovens & Hobs

Gas Ovens & Hobs

CAN  Ovens - Hobs - Sinks & Combo's
ENO  Galley Range

We supply modern galley solutions for motorhomes, boats, trucks, RV and caravans. Stainless & alluminium marine gas ovens and space saving hobs. World class range of gas cookers from European suppliers CAN, ENO, Force 10 and Plastimo. View or range of European innovative space saving solutions and Italian aesthetic design.

Installed by leading NZ boatbuilders and motorhome builders including Andrew Fink Marine, Dickey Boats, Extreme Boats, Senator, Smuggler, Sportscraft, Surtess, Tristram and Whitepointer

CAN Gas Oven Catalogue
MaXtek gimbal & Pot Holder
MaXtek 2 burner & Grill
Marine Stainless Single Burner
Single Burner Hob with Ignitor
Marine Stainless Twin Burner
Duo - 2 Burner

Duo - 2 Burner


Built-in 2 Burner

Built-in 2 Burner

$315.89 $250.05

Built-in 3 Burner
Flush Fitting Twin Burner Gas Hob
"Randi" Sink - Hob Combo

"Randi" Sink - Hob Combo

$632.41 $436.17

Stove 2 Burner with Grill
ENO Perigord - Build-In Oven
2 Burner Oven with Grill
3 Burner Oven with Grill - OPEN  SEA
4 Burner Gimballed Range - Force 10
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