Anchor Winches

Anchor Winches

Anchor winch selection
Talk to our team about your application as anchor locker dimensions and the amount of space below deck are important in deciding what type of winch will suit your application.
We have the solution in one of our three categories;
Drum Winch - Ideal where space is limited as they tuck neatly inside the anchor locker.
Vertical Windlasses - They offer low profile and do not dominate the fore deck. They are characterised by situating the gypsy (topworks) above the deck and the motor and gearbox below. 
Horizontal Windlasses (Deck Windlass) - are mounted completely above deck including the gypsy and motor/gearbox.  They provide a 90 degree wrap of the anchor rode around the gypsy. Generally easier to install and a good option with small anchor lockers.

Anchormax Capstan
Maxwell RC10-10

Maxwell RC10-10


Maxwell RC10-10 with Capstan
Maxwell Windlass RC6 - 500W

Maxwell Windlass RC6 - 500W

$891.10 $763.19

Maxwell Windlass RC8-6 - 600W
Maxwell Windlass RC8-8 - 1000W
Anchor Winch 900 - S/S Above Deck
Maxwell Windlass HRC-FF6 - 600W
Maxwell Windlass HRC-FF8 - 600W
Maxwell Windlass HRC10-8 - 1000W
Maxwell Windlass HRC10-10 - 1200W
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