Fridge & Freezer

Fridge & Freezer

      NovaKool is a world leader in low voltage
      12 volt Fridges for Caravan, Marine, RV and

      Installed by leading Boat builders around the
      world including; 
      Riviera, Rayglass, Alaska Yachts, Benetti,
      Campion, Carver, Doral, Formula, Four
      Winns, Hunter, Luhrs, Meridian, Silverton,
      and Meridian Yachts.

      NovaKool Benefits:
Can be installed in quiet areas, even
   *   Multi voltage options including 12 or 24v DC
        plus auto switch to 230 VAC
   *    Built-in Battery protection
   *    Door panels can be changed for stainless
        panels or match your interior joinery
   *    Long life with little maintenance
   *    No special mounting required
   *    Robust himges and latc – No surprising
        openings, even in the most hostile conditions
   *   Optional Chine hugger models (moves
        compressor up & out of the way to suit
        shape of boat hull)

12volt Fridge/Freezer - 36 Litre
12v Fridge/Freezer - 54 Litre
12v Fridge/Freezer - 59 Litre
F2300 59L 12v Freezer
12v All Fridge - 122 Litre
Novakool 122 L Fridge freezer
NOVA KOOL 70L Freezer Ice Box
NOVA KOOL  212l Fridge/Freezer
NOVA KOOL 193L Marine Fridge/Freezer
RFU8220 251L 12v, 24v Fridge/Freezer
NOVA KOOL  258l Fridge Freezer
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